Saturday, July 11, 2015

This Place is a ZOO!!!

Ever since they got here, we've been talking about our trip to the Zoo! Well, yesterday was the day, and we were so very excited that we all woke up early!

Ok, so maybe we didn't ALL wake up early, but little sister was up at 6:45am! Of course, after breakfast she did take a tiny nap...a girl's gotta be well rested for a big trip to the zoo!

Eventually, we did get the big girl to wake up, then we fed her some french toast, piled everyone into the cars, and we were on our way!

There was so much walking to see the animals! There was also some napping...

Princess Peanut had a pretty good setup in the wagon...

and riding on Daddy's shoulders!

We had fun playing in the Zoo playground...I think she was making blueberry pancakes in the wooden "kitchen" for PopPop and Sweet Pea!

We can't wait for pancakes!

Then we were off to see more bears!

We looked for the giraffes, but they were harder to see. 

They were waaaaay out there in the field!

Is Peanut as tall as a baby giraffe??? I don't think so!

"Pop Pop, why does Gramma take so many pictures???"
"I don't know, but she sure does."
"She sure does."

There were actually TWO grandmas on this trip to the zoo, so twice the pictures! That's a good thing, right? Right!

OK, that's enough pictures, Grammas...time to get moving again!

Time to walk up the BIG hill to the top of the zoo! Wow, when does this hill end???

The payoff was worth it, though...check out this little "poser" by the posies!

She had us all in stitches! So funny!

All that walking and posing and seeing how tall you are makes a family tired...time to sit and snack and get a foot rub from Dad!

Then it's off to see the Rhinoceroseses...

and the Colobus Monkeys, before we head home...

There was absolutely no knitting yesterday, but with a day full of family, I didn't really miss it! After all, we were all busy, knitting together memories to have and to hold in our hearts forever. I wonder which moments dear Peanut might remember from this day, when she is older? I bet she'll remember how much fun we all had!

Whether you are knitting or not, I hope that you are spending your summer making memories for you and your family to share! I hope that you're knitting, too! lol!

Thanks for stopping in to see our zoo day adventures, and (as I always try to remember to say) Knit in Good Health!

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