Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter, Elephants!

Sometimes, but not always, Easter week falls near my birthday. Easter makes me want to knit bunnies and egg hats and other such Easter-y nonsense. My birthday makes me want to knit silly things without a theme. Therefore, behold the Easter Elephants!

I'm really not sure why I must knit multiples, but now that I have two elephants and three-and-a-half dresses for the elephants, I think I can move onto something new. :) Maybe I'll start with leftover cuppy-cakes from knit night...

Oh, wait. That box is empty today...I finished the cuppy-cakes yesterday. But it sure was a nice surprise, Knitters! Thanks! 

I cannot think of a gift better than a year's worth of wooly goodness, grand-baby kisses and warm hugs! Oh, and elephants that accompany me to work! 

(Although they are generally better when they remember to wear a shirt!)

Maybe my next knit will be socks...or perhaps one of those DROPS sweaters I mentioned on Wednesday? Yeah, maybe not. Maybe I'll just stick to the toys for a bit. I do have some cute mice and cat patterns in my queue...stay tuned! I'm sure I'll have more to tell you soon!

Until then, whether you do the ham and eggs tomorrow or not, I hope that your weekend is good! Thanks for stopping by, Knit in Good Health, and 

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