Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Brand New Day

A brand new day. A brand new month. Sounds like a good time for change. OK, here I go!

Starting today, I will stop knitting multiples of every toy. Maybe I'll stop knitting toys altogether. I need more sweaters... Today is also a perfect time to challenge myself to stop challenging myself so much. I will stop feeling like I need to overachieve, and do all the things, and I will stop adding new hobbies to my craft résumé every time I turn around. There are only so many hours in the day.

Starting today, I'm not going to check the blog obsessively for bad spelling and grammar, and I'm going to let it just be what it will be. I will not knit and re-knit, spin and re-spin, obsessing over even stitches and perfectly smooth yarns. I will stop caring about the grammar and spelling police, the knitting police, the spinning police, and I will play free and loose with this crafty life! With no regard for sanity, for security, for intelligent decisions, I'll cast on three DROPS sweaters today! (If you are in my knitting group, you'll get that. Otherwise, nevermind.)

Starting today, I will no longer worry about what my cats think of me. I will eat what I want. I will do what I want. I will go where I want, when I want, and if I need to pee, I will push that cat right off my lap. I am sure she will understand, right?

And finally, starting today, I will play April Fools' Jokes. 


Did you really believe any of that? I didn't think so...after all, you've seen the rabbits, and now the elephant (who will soon have a sister),

And today you see that she has a second dress, with lovely, even, overachievin' stitches! lol!

You just don't stop this kind of nonsense cold-turkey like that! lol!

Still, today IS a brand new day, so I think I'll make the best of it, and ac-cen-tuate the positive, encourage others, and challenge myself to new heights! Even though I know I can never be perfect, I can certainly try my best.

Thanks for stopping by on the first of April! 

Knit in Good Health, and watch your back for "fools" like me!


  1. My third child's due date was April Fool's day. She did not make it. I don't mind. At least, for everybody back East in the snow, it's not March anymore!

  2. You had me initially until I got to the "stop adding new hobbies to my craft résumé every time I turn around" part. Then I knew you were lying!