Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Knitter's Instant Gratification

Sometimes I give a knitted gift...and then I never see it again. Since I do not live with all of the people that I give knitting to, and since some of the gifts are socks (which I might not see if the recipient is wearing shoes), I try not to let this bother me. I do not have to see the item(s) in use to assume that they are actually in use...I can make that assumption on my own, with or without visual confirmation. While it is generally not within any industry's best practices to assume things, I think this kind of assumption is a good one for me, as a knitter. I assume that you like the gift, and you do not destroy my ego by telling me you do not. (All of a sudden, I hear my mother's voice, "I know it's ugly. Just take it and thank your grandma...she gave it to you because she loves you." There's some irony, huh?)

Anyway, and with all that back-story in place, I have to thank a couple of very special people who did not force me to make any assumptions this weekend! First up, this momma, who received the sweater at church and immediately put it on the baby it was intended for...even though it really was plenty warm inside without it. 

Then she and the daddy gushed, and they gushed, and she gushed some more. :) You're welcome, Owl-y Baby Sweater Wearer and his parents! (By the way, they also gushed appropriately at the pink sweater, for a little sister that is still cookin' in her belly...this is a very knit-worthy family!)

You might not have guessed that Dollface (the deny-er of the hand-wash socks) is my next special lady to thank...after all, she just got done denying a pair of hand knit socks. I assume that is truly out of respect for the knitting and the knitter, so I am totally ok with that. And look at this:

Immediately upon receiving a sweater for the grand-dog, it went straight on him! Isn't he just the adorable-est??? (That's rhetorical, by the way...we all know he!) As I look at that picture again, you know what I have to do, right? Yep, it's already cast on, this time with some fancy color-work and a hood! (Gah! The cute will probably knock me right over when she puts a hand-knit hoodie on that pup! Gahhhhhh!!!)

Thank you, Owl-y Baby Sweater Wearer's Parents and Dollface, for your appropriate gushing and for reinforcing that knitting=love! This has been a very wonderful, instant-gratification kind of knitting week for Pretty, and I couldn't be happier about my recent home runs with yarn!  

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Tell me, what victories have you claimed in your crafting this week? I hope that your yarn has been knot free, soft and wonderful, and that all your hand-knit-or-crochet gifts have been well-received and thoroughly gushed over!

Knit in Good Health!

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