Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lent Me Your Ear!

So I can tell you about my grandkids! I know, I know. Lent has nothing to do with grandkids, but today is the start of Lent, and the first blog post after my most recent trip to see the girls, so it is what it is. Let me tell you about tiny fingers...

...that fall asleep to my knitting.

Let me tell you about a little Peanut that likes to curl up with Pop Pop to read and play magazine games!

Let me tell you about a love between Pop Pop and that newest Sweet Pea!

Let me tell you how smart that toddler-turned-little-kid is getting to be...finding all the silly stuff on that page. (You don't sleep at the basketball game! That's silly, Pop Pop!)

We had so much fun visiting the girls, and we all cried when it was time to come home. But when I opened my Kindle at the office the next day, was like they were still right here with me! Thank you Mork and Mindy for not minding that we love to visit frequently, and thank you for giving us two beautiful reasons to keep those visits high on our priority list! We love you!

So thankful (once again) for the ways technology keeps us together, even across hundreds of miles. If I give up anything for Lent this year, it won't be social media (I might miss a picture!) or technology, that's for sure! Maybe sugar...? Nahhhh. Probably not. lol!

Thanks for stopping by to hear about my beautiful granddaughters! I'm not sure if you're planning to give anything up for Lent, but I hope you won't be giving up your visits to the Pretty blog...or your knitting! I won't be giving up knitting either. Look! I've already cast on another project!

May we all Knit in Good Health, during Lent and beyond, friends!

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  1. So beautiful. Love it.

    Just bought plane tickets to go see ours again. Life is sweet.