Saturday, December 6, 2014

Remember the Pocket Bugs?

A few weeks ago, I knitted some bugs. No. Really. I knitted bugs. I started with Lucille. Lucille is a Pocket Bug, and she is cute as a...well, she's as cute as a bug! Here she is, with the love of her life, Larry:

Stop me if you've heard this, nevermind. Even though I've talked about the pocket bugs on Facebook and on Ravelry, I really need to blog it, too! Now, if you know my knitting habits, it will not surprise you to learn that I knitted about a dozen pocket bugs total. As I knitted more and more bugs, I kept wondering what to do with all of them...

Then I had an idea. Pretty had a wonderful, silly idea! First, I sent Lucille to Peanut, with a little note:

"My name is Lucille. I am a pocket bug. I have pretty wings, but I do not fly. I like to ride in your pocket. If I can ride in your pocket, I will be a happy pocket bug! May I ride in your pocket? Love, Lucille, the pocket bug"

When I was sure that Lucille had arrived safely, I put the rest of the bugs into a box with little strips of paper that said things like, “Where is Lucille?” “I can’t find Lucille…” “Have you seen Lucille?”

When that second package arrived, Peanut called me, very excited! She said, “Dey all say, ‘Where’s Lucille? Where’s Lucille? Where’s Lucille?’, and I can’t find Lucille!” We spent time talking about what Lucille looks like, and she found Lucille, yay! The she wanted to know why they were all looking for Lucille. 

"Well," I answered, "Larry loves Lucille, and he can't live without her. So he got all the pocket bugs together to look for her!"

“What does Larry look like?,” she asked. 

“He’s the one with the yellow head,” said the quick thinking Gramma, and thankfully there IS a pocket bug with a yellow head, because she quickly answered, 
“Oh, I see Larry!” She then proceeded to ask me what all their names are…lol! I may or may not have consulted a baby name website (or 3) to come up with 10 more “L” names…OMGosh! So very fun! 

Now, every time I call her, I ask about the pocket bugs, and where they have traveled with her, riding in her pocket. She usually says, "Well, Gramma, this clothes don't have any pockets!" So, you know what I did, don't you? Of course I did. I knitted a pocket purse, just the right size for a couple of pocket bugs to ride along on Peanut's adventures! 

I can't wait to ask her again about the pocket bugs!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!