Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catching Up...

Wow, December is a busy month! I always forget about today's post will not involve so much of the candy making

or cookie baking of the last few days...

Rather, let's talk about my granddaughter and her November visit! Won't that be fun? Of course it will! (Not that the cats would necessarily agree...but this is not a blog about the cats. Well, it is a little bit about the cats...and dogs!)

This is the first visit that the cats did not totally freak out about. In fact, White Cat hardly even noticed that we had company!

There were a few moments where she even took advantage of a dog a cage...seriously. So weird.

Of course, none of our four-legged friends were very happy about all the fact, they all started to look a bit annoyed. (You'll notice that Puggle Jumper isn't even in the pictures...she just walked away every time the camera came out. lol!) 

Peanut was never annoyed, though. She is practicing to be a super-model! Here she is, modeling the mittens (with open fingers inside the flap)...

And here, she shows you the snowman we made, even though there wasn't any snow (Gramma's gotta improvise sometimes!)

Even when she isn't posing, she is ready for the camera. Here she is, oblivious to me (and most of her admirers), captivated by her daddy's juggling...

And here she is, stuffing her face like the big people at the Thanksgiving table...

So good to have them all around that table!

She just cannot take a bad photo...even when it's a selfie! 

(Gramma should take some lessons!)

We had so much fun during their visit, I can barely wait until I see them again! She can't wait either, and she sent me a photo in her new sweater and her jingle socks!

I am one lucky Gramma! 

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Now that we are all caught up here, I hope you will continue to Knit in Good Health, throughout the holiday season!

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  1. That last photo just takes the cake--she is so cute! Love how she's dressed in love and loves it.

    Being a grandma just totally rocks!