Saturday, December 27, 2014

12 Memories of Christmas

I have heard that the 12 days of Christmas begin at sundown on Christmas Eve, so I am definitely too late to start that nonsense. Still, I like numbers, and I'd like to think that I can come up with 12 pretty good memories of this holiday season...let's see:

12 eggs, halved and deviled
(My one, tiny contribution to Christmas dinner this year. They were pretty yummy!)

11 dirty cat looks
(Especially if I decided to disturb this scene.)

10 toes in new shoes
(Dollface is a pretty good gifter, and she got her dad some new kicks!)

9 turns on the dance floor - at least nine, probably more!
(Another video from the Christmas know you want to click that link!)

8 patterns queued for puppy sweaters
(Because, well...look at that face!)

7 sets of stripey Christmas socks
(I know, I know. You've heard, and you've seen...but look again!)

6 pans of candy
(Maybe more. There was so. much. candy!)

Fiiiiiiive kinds of tea!!!
(Because my mother-in-law gives me tea. :)

4 Ellie selfies
(Ok, maybe they're not "selfies." It's a cute card tho...)

3 Facebook notifications
(Every time I look. Even if I just looked! I have 3 RIGHT NOW!)

2 needles clicking
(Yep. Still knitting. Even at Christmas.)

And a salad as I start my new diet!
(Because that's what we do. Eat whatever we want, whenever we want, for a month, and blame it on least until December 26th!)

Of course, today is December 27th, so the diet is already shot. Maybe I'll have another go at it next Thursday,...and maybe not. :) Either way, it's been a good holiday season, and even though my tree is already down (yes, I am that person), I'm still enjoying a little bit of that holiday feeling. :)

Whatever your holiday brought, I hope that you found some joy and that you've made some memories, for better or worse. I genuinely hope for better!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the last few days of 2014, and knit something a little selfish now that the holidays are almost over. In any case, and whatever you're knitting, Knit in Good Health!

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