Saturday, November 15, 2014

That Girl

Well, if you know me on Ravelry...or Facebook...or even Instagram, you have likely noticed a new addition to the Pretty Knitty Family.

That's right! It's Barbie! And may I just say that, while I've never realized it before, there are many sides to Barbie's personality... Oh, I know that she can be whatever she wants (doctor, lawyer, construction worker, librarian, etc.), but I've recently learned some really new things about her. For instance, did you know that Barbie is grumpy before her morning coffee?

Yep. Sans caffeine, she can be pretty rough. The low humidity and static electricity that's totally messing up that hair isn't helping anything either, let me tell you! But, once she's had that cup of joe, she's much more pleasant to be around. 

Did you know that Barbie's not just a coffee drinker? She tries to get in her 8-12 glasses of water each day, too...

...and the occasional white zinfandel in the evening.

Of course, I enjoy that too sometimes. I guess I can't fault her for her choice of beverages, but I do wish that she would stop for a potty-break a little more often...for her own sake. I mean, if she's going to wear short skirts,

and tight pants, to show off those legs,

it would be nice if she didn't feel the need to cross them so tightly, all the time. It really makes her look stiff and unapproachable, a little "doll-like" even... 

But maybe that's part of her master plan. After all, when a girl is as pretty and talented as Barbie, I suppose she has to do something to cope with all the dinner-and-a-movie invitations when she just wants to hang out at home with the cats. 

And really, if you get to know her, she's not that stiff and unapproachable. She's just a normal girl, with a warm smile, who'd like to be your friend. She'd like that even more if you will knit her a really warm sweater for the winter, which I have.

So, now that we are friends, I guess Barb and I will be spending more time together, which is more than ok with me! After all, she's a really good listener, she never questions me about watching Hallmark Christmas movies before Thanksgiving, and she loves everything I've knit for her so far. What more could I really ask for in a friend? I think I'm going to see if she'd like to learn to knit!

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and don't forget about the contest! There are only a couple of entries so your odds are really good if you enter! This link takes you to the details about posting your comment, or emailing me at prettyknittyjewelry AT yahoo DOT com, to enter.

Oh, and Knit in Good Health! 

(Here are the links to tops, pants, skirts, more tops, a sweater, another skirt, a dressanother skirt, and another skirt! All of these free patterns, and hundreds more, can be found HERE.)

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