Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Big News!

Ok, since I've teased it, let's start with this:

That's right, Mork and Mindy are expecting another Pretty Baby! Bonus, it's a girl, and Peanut has already dubbed her "Princess Pants," so let the pink (and purple and teal and yellow) knitting commence! Actually, it already has...and here's a sampling of the latest:

::Wow! That's a lot of yarning, Pretty!::

Why, yes. Yes, it is! But I recently had many down hours of car travel, so my needles (and hooks) were pretty busy! You see, we visited last week, and we all did lot of fun going to their local Zoo! And while it wasn't her first time to feed the giraffes (her fave, by the way),

and it wasn't her first time to feed the birds,

or the other animals,

this was the first time she has agreed to ride the merry-go-round! She was a little nervous at first, but eventually she got the hang of it, and really had fun!

We also went to play at the mall..."Lookit 'dis, Gramma!"

Wow! What else can you do? Oh! I see, you can play on the slip and slide!

That makes a girl hungry, doesn't it?

Then there were the barbie dolls...

...walks to the playground...

...and the knitting...

...and the modeling of socks and sweaters...

Man! What a fun trip! Thank you to Mork and Mindy, for having us in your home, and for continuing to make sure that we faraway grandparents can still be such a big part of your lives. You really don't know how much that means to us. We love you all, as much as we love cupcakes (and that's a LOT)! maybe even more!

Thanks for stopping by to share in the adventures, dear friends. 
Knit in Good Health!

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