Saturday, June 7, 2014


There were never such devoted sisters as Anna and Elsa. Oh, I know they had their troubles, both before the coronation...

...and afterwards, and in that awful winter (that too many of us can relate to this year).

But in the end, they were devoted to each other, proving that true love can exist, even in a cold, cruel world. Now that I have finished knitting these sisters, Elsa, Anna, Sweetie and I are planning a trip to see Peanut and her parents. (Giant HAPPY FACES here!!!) I've told Anna that she doesn't need her cloak for this'll be pretty warm where Peanut lives...

But she says she's a little uncomfortable without it.

I suggested that she wear her coronation gown... a bonus, all of her hair could be pulled up into a bun with that gown!

In the end, both of the girls are anxious to meet Peanut! I'm not sure who is more excited about the trip, them or me! Either way, I can barely wait to see her little face when I hand off my newest, topsy-turvy knits!

I wonder what Peanut will want to knit when I get there? There has been talk of dog sweaters for her pooches, and Barbie clothes, and a new pink sweater for her...your guess is as good as mine! What do you think will be my next knitting project?

Thanks for stopping by to see us, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. They are so super cute!! Will you please be my grandma, you are the best grandma in the whole world!