Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let it go, Pretty...

As you may have figured out, we spent this past weekend on the road to see Peanut, and bring her some knitted toys

Usually when we do this, I blog ahead a bit, so that I won't stress about getting back to work and getting a blog post ready for Wednesday morning. I thought I had done this before we left on Friday, but I checked yesterday, and it turns out that I didn't. That means that this post has been written hastily to get ready to post early today, and the photos are probably not edited and cropped to perfection (she says, as though perfection is something she achieves regularly, which it is NOT), and the text may be choppy or have some errors in it. But sometimes, you just have to Let it Go!, yanno?

So here's a brief synopsis of the fun we had, including our arrival,

walks with Mommy and Daddy (and the dogs)... the playground!

Time on the swings...

She promised not to kick Pop Pop, but this looks a little suspicious...

To add to the fun, Uncle Snake and Aunt Dollface showed up for a day, on their way home from vacation. :) So there were walks and playtime with them, too!

Then more time on the playground,

reading Kindles with Pop Pop, 

and lots of playtime and singing with Elsa and Anna!

It was a great weekend, and I still have not quite recovered. :) But, there is work to be done, and life to be lived, so I'm just gonna Let it Go!, and try not to stress too much about anything. I think Elsa's advice is pretty good in most situations, don't you?

Whatever you might be stressing about, thank you for taking a moment to check out the blog today! Now, Let it Go!, and Knit in Good Health!

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