Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tiny Toes - Stripey Edition

Disclaimer: This post is not about Pretty toes. Still waiting patiently for the Pretty offspring to produce more Pretty grandchildren. But, while I wait, I am knitting for other people's grandchildren. :)

You already know about the stripey Lighthouse socks I knit a while back.

And you know that I had to knit a second pair, for a guy who likes socks. I've actually heard that he loves socks...has a thing for socks...has more socks than you can shake a stick at! Anyway, anyone that loves socks that much, should be knit for, right? Right. So...these!

But the more I knit on that second pair of socks, the more I did not want to separate the two...and in the end, I have decided to give the first pair of socks to his wife. :) And, since the two are hoping to grow their family, why not a pair of tiny stripes to round out the family? So...these!

And I think I am almost through all of the blue-and-white stripey yarn. :) What fun it was to knit!

Are you knitting for babies? What's your favorite baby knit?

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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