Saturday, April 12, 2014

With and Without Red Toes

Did you ever get your hands on a sock yarn that just made you sigh with contentment? You pick up your needles and start stitching, and every stitch just makes you happy. Sometimes, if it's a stripey sock yarn, you feel like you're doing a magic trick every time the color just passes through your fingers and "Poof!" New color! That's how I am feeling about the Lighthouse colorway of this Knit Picks Felici yarn. 

I know I'm late to the party, because I didn't really even get my hands on any of this stuff until it had already been declared "discontinued," but I have spent the past few months enhancing my stash with about 7 different colorways (and lamenting a little at the ones that are already gone forever). I'm not a star stasher like some of my friends, but these days I stash a lot more than I used to. :) I don't even feel badly about it, because we all know that sock yarn doesn't count! Especially when your socks are simply smashing, like these!

So very smashing that I've decided to knit another pair in this color as well, but with a twist. The second pair should have red toes and, for some red sock yarn...

Wait a minute. Hmmm, no reds in my stash? Nope. But fear not! I have Easter egg dyes, and there's some white there! And now, we have red!

It's going to be grand in the toes and heels of my second pair of Lighthouse socks, see?

Off I go now, to stitch socks and sorcery in stripes! How much self-striping yarn is there in your stash???

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Very cool. And, I wish. Sock knitting is mostly a spectator sport to me--my style is so loose that I have to consciously pull each stitch tight during sock knitting and the hands ache after awhile.