Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Wish I Had a Bunny...

Easter is tomorrow, and that makes me kinda wish I had a bunny. Not a real bunny, mind you...I've been hankering to knit a bunny for some time, tho. Anyway, I have some other things on my plate, and I have not managed to knit a single bunny for Easter. :(

I did, however, run across a fun little ditty (shared by a friend on Ravelry) about sheep shearing, and since it is springtime...and since lambs and Easter can be connected (in chocolate, at least) is my offering for your Easter listening pleasure:

Click Go the Shears, by Rolf Harris - Go take a listen, it's just over 3 minutes (plus a 15 second advertisement...ugh to commercials, but glad I don't have to pay for YouTube!)...

Wasn't that a hoot?!? And if you want to know more, like I did when I researched the lyrics after my first listen (because I have now listened at least a dozen's infectious), here's a link to a review of those lovely, Austrailian lyrics! Honestly, I should have been a high school English teacher, because I now kinda want to compare and contrast this song with the Shaun the Sheep theme song...and then write a paper about it, and compare that to the paper YOU might write on the subject!  :) But, as your Easter gift, I will refrain.

I hope that you have a lovely and blessed Easter, and that you get to spend time rejoicing about all the good things in your life! I'll be praising the Lord all day, thankful that He made such a great sacrifice for me. And I'll probably be humming Click Go the Shears a time or two as well. :)

Happy Easter!
Knit in Good Health!

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