Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekend to Remember...

Those of you who know me, and those of you who read this Pretty blog pretty regularly, will know that Pop Pop and I are predisposed to Peanut visits! For you, this next bit of information will come as no surprise, no surprise at all. Pop Pop and I went to visit Peanut last weekend, and in anticipation of the trip, I cast on a tiny pair of fingerless gloves...

I was particularly excited to work on these mitts, because they were my first go-'round with my new Knit Picks Caspian DPNs. I love these needles*, and they feel fast! So fast, in fact, that I finished the mitts en route, somewhere during the 8-hour drive!

And then we were there! And we saw Peanut, and our hearts sang just to watch her play!

While we were there, I cast on a Scarf for Peanut...

...and she helped with her scarf...

...and we even finished the scarf, fringe and all! But as we got back in the car for the return trip (two short days after our arrival), I realized that I had not taken a photo of the finished piece. So, I did what any distraught-knitter-in-a-car might do, and I cast on another scarf (this one for me) on the way home...

...and I finished the next day, and I took a picture.

The yarn is an alpaca blend from my friends at That'll Do Farm, and the cats love it! (I'm not sure why cats love alpaca as much as they do, but they do!) I have a second skein left over that may end up as a matching hat, because, as you may or may not know, the temperature has been brutal here! I am so very glad that my warm-and-cozy alpaca scarf is ready for the wearing!

Anyway, once I finished the scarf, I decided it was time to get back to that Plum Frost Sweater that I ripped the hem out of last week. Can I just say that adding another 30 rows was a good idea, for sure, but the idea of re-doing the tubular bind-off of 262 stitches is a little daunting?

Because it is. Still, I will plug on...there's a Big Game Party for the knitters this Sunday, and I'd like to cast on a little something new at the party...but I don't know if I can (without twitching) before this bind-off is re-done! lol!

So, there you have it! It's been a busier-than-busy, and colder-than-cold, couple of days! It's likely that I will be a knitting maniac for the next couple of months...especially if it stays this cold! There's nothing quite like a lapful of cats and wool to keep a knitter warm and Knitting in Good Health!

How are you keeping warm this winter?

*For the record, there is one thing I don't like about the Caspians...I wanted size 4 in the 6" length, but that length only goes up to size 2...that was a little disappointing. Still, I love these size 1s (2.25mm)!

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