Saturday, December 7, 2013

Still No Tree...

Sooo, my tree is still not up...but, hey! I made 10 hats this week! No. Seriously. I did. Ask my Bible study bunch, as the hats were little gifts for our Christmas celebration! I only have photos of 5...

...because the other five found their homes in pockets and purses this week. And one of them, from what I hear, is warming the head of a sea monster!

Lol! Right? Anyway, that's what I've done this week...10 tiny toppers, Bible study, choir practice, knit night, grocery shopping, and today I am scheduled to get started on Christmas candy and gingerbread...oy! I think I need to sit down! Well, maybe while the caramel cools...or maybe instead of sitting down, I should go to the attic and drag all the deco down? Or I could make some more little cute!

Tomorrow is the annual Knitters' Christmas Party, and my stocking stuffers are barely started. I guess what I really should do is get going on you think they would all like a teeny, tiny hat? lol!

What's got you busy this season? Whatever it is, I know that you will get back to it, and I thank you for stopping in to say hello during this busy, busy Saturday. Now, you know the routine...Knit in Good Health!

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