Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wasn't That a Party?

This morning, I woke up humming THIS TUNE. (Go ahead, take a listen. Just a few seconds and you'll see how catchy it is!) Of course, I am a knitter (and a church secretary), so I couldn't help but add some new words to the melody...especially since I'm still in a good mood after the knitting party last week! Well, here...take a look:

Could'a been the knitting,
Might'a been the food.
Could'a been the stocking stuffers, I don’t know,
But I've never felt so good!
My heart is full of laughter!
My life is full of friends!
I hope these good times never end –
Wasn’t that a party!?!

It WAS a GREAT party! We all took turns filling and refilling our plates in the kitchen,
...talking and laughing,
...sharing and opening gifts,
...and (of course) admiring everyone's socks!
Some of these are not hand-knit, but we are a pretty tolerant bunch. :)
Whether we were eating or knitting,
...crocheting or winding yarn,
Her favorite gift is tangled yarn...we couldn't disappoint!
...or doing any of the above while also multitasking as "Super Mom,"
We make sweaters and socks and people!
...we all had an amazingly fun time last Sunday afternoon! For me, this is the best party of the Christmas season each year, and this party was no exception. =D I even finished my Green Mr. Greenjeans sweater and wore it to the party...but it was an unseasonably warm day for December, so it spent much of the party on the back of the couch or my chair.
Even Greenjeans got worn out after six hours of party!
Thank you to all of the CKW girls who joined us and/or put a little something in our stockings, and especially thank you to our gracious Hostess for providing the venue for an amazing party!
My first Knitters' Christmas Party!
This is so much fun!!!
Knitting and friends, food and even a sip of wine, I'm so glad you stopped in for a glimpse of our Christmas! If you're a knitter in our neighborhood, I hope you'll look us up and come to knit with us sometime...if you stick around for a bit, maybe you'll even be part of the fun at our next party!

Until then, I hope that you will Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yippee for a FABULOUS and fun party!!!

  2. LOL these made me laugh literally out loud. I love this group. Such a fun time! I am using my vanilla in my Christmas baking today and it is most excellent!

  3. That looks like such a wonderful group and a fun time! I have a friend who loves untangling yarn too, it is very relaxing for her. And congrats on finishing Mr. GreenJeans!