Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heard at Knitting...

There are always funny things to hear at knitting. Last Thursday's gem was this: "Well, bring us something that smells like him at least!"

Before you go THERE, that sentiment was uttered by a Nana who had just cuddled the newest baby in the group (not quite 2 months old), and she wanted just one more sniff of that sweet baby head. His mother promised to bring in the latest batch of dirty diapers and spit-up rags, and I am currently thinking about skipping knitting next week (lol!), but I know what that Nana meant, and I have to admit that I can echo that sentiment. There is nothing so sweet as the smell of a brand-spankin'-new human being...especially to a grandma!

You know what else I heard at knitting on Thursday? My text alert. There was a text from Peanut and her mommy, almost as sweet as that baby. It seems that Peanut got her gloves wet that day, and her mommy presented a pair of hand-knit-by-Gramma mittens for those chilly hands. Peanut wasn't having any of that, however. She likes "mittens like this!," (in other words, gloves)

She said, "Gramma can knit me gloves. Gramma knits." So, you know what? 

Of course I am. I had her mommy trace her hand for measurements, and I found a pattern, and there you have it! I am knitting my first pair of Peanut-sized gloves in the softest yarn I have on hand...Debbie Bliss Cashmerino...yummm!

Hopefully they will be done before it gets any colder at her house! I think I am up for the challenge... (wink!) ...but only if I get back to it, so I'll just sign off here. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Are you knitting anything challenging this week? 


  1. How to make matching sweaters for two little ones who aren't here and have them fit...

  2. baby's are the best. as are grandmas that make tiny gloves.