Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Any Progress?

From running three times a week (and falling once a month), I went to nothing at all. I tried to walk with the cast...but 4 days after having the cast applied, I actually fell down and gashed my knee while also landing directly on the cast. I rolled with it, and the cast and fingers were fine (okay, I was sore...and I had a grass stain ON MY CAST, but I was fine), but I fell off the sidewalk and ended up flat out on my back. I did not walk again for almost three weeks. I was a-skeered.

Actually, walking around didn't bother me in general, but the minute I thought about "going for a walk," or someone suggested the same, my pulse would quicken, and I would immediately play the footage of the three falls in my brain...the video would go in slow motion at the point of impact, and my whole body would tense. A little ridiculous, I know. But I was (apparently) traumatized. Still, I knew that I needed to get back out there.

So, in the past couple of weeks, I've done just that. I've had Mr. Pretty dig out my athletic shoes (yes, they are my expensive, well-fitting "running" shoes, but we all know that I will not be running, now don't we?), and I laced up so we could go for a walk. For the most part, I've done fine. Walking is still causing me some anxiety, and I'm not sure how long it will be until that goes away (there have been some minor stumbles), but I'm walking. That's progress! You know what else is getting better? The knitting! (Yayyy!) Here's proof, in the form of a new baby toy:

A sock, that is actually starting to look like a sock...

And three more hexipuffs! (Bringing the grand total to 129!!!)

(Psst! I did two of those before the broken fingers, so in all honesty, I should really only be taking credit for one hexipuff, but I'm an overachiever...and apparently, a bit of a fibber!)

Anyway, as you can plainly see, there has been progress. As a matter of fact, as this post goes live, I'm probably getting an X-ray of my fingers to see just how much healing progress my fingers have made. Judging by the knitting, I'm guessing that the news will be good. :) I promise to report in and let you know!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

PS - It's a good thing there is knitting queue is currently over 200 projects!


  1. Take good care of yourself, and yay for knitting again!

  2. Good for you getting back out there! Now is the perfect time to take a quiet walk with the one you love and start watching the leaves change - but keep one eye on the ground in front of you! Kitting=yay!

  3. Love the little bunny blankie! Glad the hand is getting better.