Saturday, August 10, 2013

Handspun Hexipuffs

I know that I have told you about the hexipuffs, but if you are new to the blog, you may not have heard, so here it is...these are hexipuffs:

They are small, about 2-3 inches across, and I will need A LOT of them to make my beekeeper's quilt (based on this pattern), like maybe 400, or so. It takes me about an hour to knit, stuff, close and admire each one, so I will have 400 hours into this afghan (easily 400 hours) before I even get around to putting them together. This is what you might call a long-term knitting relationship, but it is not monogamous. Along with these tiny puffs (I am currently up to 126 puffs!), I am also knitting some fingerless mitts...

...a little sweater...

...and a bulky, baby blanket! (Yes...there is a naked baby doll in this photo. It is what it is.)

Still, I think my current FAVORITE knitting is the hexipuffs, because I am finally dipping into my own handspun to create one of a kind, very pretty puffs! Who doesn't love a pretty puff? No one! You all love pretty puffs, right?!?

So, you see, there has been knitting. Little knitting and big knitting, but today is a play-with-Peanut day, so that's where I'll be! Maybe she wants to knit a bit? We'll see...

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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