Wednesday, January 30, 2013

She calls herself "Lala"

While we were planning our trip, she told her mommy, "Gamma Pop Pop come visit!" When we arrived, she gave the biggest hugs, and looked at us with wonder and disbelief, and we reveled in her suddenly complete sentences and bouncy, blonde curls. She hugged us tightly, and dared Pop Pop to tickle her neck with the stubble on his chin, and she giggled that infectious giggle that begs, "Do it again!" So, of course, he did. We had a wonderful trip, from the moment we arrived and found her sleeping under  a Gramma bankie during her afternoon nap...

...through dinner with Mork and Mindy at Texas Roadhouse, celebrating Mindy's just passed birthday and a brand new lollipop for Lala...

Then there was play dough in the playroom, where she asked over and over, "Gamma make Santa? Ho! Ho! Ho!," or "Gamma make Rudolph!," and "Gamma make Frosty Snowman?" So, of course, I did. (Everyday is Christmas when you are Lala's age!) Then, there was a trip to the mall the next day, where the meaning of distracted driving became clear as she climbed aboard the 75-cent Ice Cream Truck...

We played, and got a new Donald at the "Big Mickey Store," and had lunch before we played in the little play area. And in the evenings, she would steal Pop Pop's hat, and shout, "Pop Pop chase Lala!" So, of course, he did just that...

...and when she called for Pop Pop, he was there!

Ahhh, but it was a lovely trip to see Lala, Mork and Mindy! And even the ribbits, the very tired ribbits, have to agree. It's a good thing they are "bouncy!" They'll need all that energy to survive their new home! :)

There was not a lot of knitting, but there was much love. I don't know how this Gramma is going to make it until the next visit...but she must, so she will... Pretty and Pop Pop "leaked" a little as we left, and we swelled with grandparent pride and this love that cannot be contained! I leaked a little more as I texted Mindy upon our arrival home, and she texted back that Peanut said, "Lala good girl, Gamma Pop Pop come visit?" Oh, Lala! Gamma and Pop Pop will come visit again. Until then, you be sure to keep your chap-chap away from Beagle Face and Puggle Jumper, ok? We love you!

I hope that your weekend was even half as good as ours, and if it wasn't, I hope that today has brought you better. Now, I think there are some toys begging to be knit before our next visit to see Lala! May your travels be safe this winter, and may you Knit in Good Health, and to your heart's content!


  1. Lovely.There is nothing as good as grandchildren.We have 5.Three live a distance away but two are only 40 minutes away.Every Tuesday we pick Emily(7) and Ruby(5) up from school and what a joy this is to us.It's great being a Grandma!

  2. It's hard to believe that Peanut is already so big! Such a beautiful young lady, too!