Friday, December 28, 2012

What's going on?

Black Cat: Hey. What's that? What's going on?

White Cat: Calm down. It's just Peanut.

Black Cat: What's she doing up here? This is our "safe place."

White Cat: Awww, c'mon. She's not so bad. She's even kinda cute...

Black Cat: Hel-looo-ooooo! She has DOGS!!!

White Cat: Settle down, they're not up here in Pretty's room...

Black Cat: Hmmm...I guess you're right.

White Cat: I always am...

Black Cat: Not always...remember that time you had Glamour Shots done with a giant teddy bear?

White Cat: Oh, shut up and go back to sleep.

*Peanut is really talking these days! She loves the kitties, and it seems like they are starting to love her, too (when she doesn't have tag-a-long dogs, that is!). When she sees a cat, she goes over and gives a little pat-pat-pat...unless the cat runs away. In that case, the chase is on, and she can be heard all through the house, saying, "Come back, Kitty!" So cute! (But they generally do NOT come back. =/)

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