Saturday, October 6, 2012

...the Rest of the Story

I promised to bring you the rest of the recovery knitting, so here it is. Starting with more stuff for Peanut, here is a sweet, stripey Sweater that was inspired by this little number from Knitty, but truly based on my favorite sweater pattern generator:
I used a self-striping (but discontinued, sorry!) yarn
that I love, from Knit Picks.
She likes it, hey Peanut!
Yes, there is a hat as well. How could there not be? You know what else I couldn't resist? Chicken buttons!
Because, if you have the choice to knit a sweater with button buttons OR with chicken buttons, it's really a no-brainer...gotta go with the chickens! And if you knit a sweater with chicken buttons, then you should knit some corn, right?!? Well, how about a Candy corn bag for Peanut's Halloween candy?
Yeah, I know!  Soooo super cute! (If you want to knit one, the pattern was kindof an improvised thing, and all my notes are on the project page, and I know you can do it...just sayin'!) Bonus, it's felted! So, your stitches don't have to be super pretty-and-even, and if you want it bigger, it's easy to just add some more increases and/or rows in the orange and/or yellow sections. It's totally customizable!

Peanut loves the candy corn bag already, because she just loves to carry things in bags, purses, and boxes. Sooo, when she was visiting last week, and having trouble carrying all of her "bee-bees" (balls, as in baseballs, footballs, softballs, bean-bag balls), it was only natural for me to run (err, walk, I just had surgery!) to the basement for some bulky yarn to make her a bag/purse of her very own!
Every evening, she would gather up her snugglies and bee-bees to take to bed with her for the night. Both Mindy and I were glad to use this bag as a third hand for that chore...and it was far less frustrating for Peanut to use the bag when she wanted to carry more than two small toys or, we call this one a win!

Wow, that's a LOT of words, and I'm still not done! I guess I got more knitting done than I thought I did! Just blogging these few items has me winded again. Since it's Saturday, and since it's not even 6 weeks since my surgery, I think I'm going to take another nap. This week (on Tuesday), I have my official 6-week check up, and I return to work full-time (4 days only, but still), I'd better take advantage of the naps while I can! I guess I'll need one more blog post to finish catching up with everything...  =/ 

As always, thanks for stopping by; and until next time, Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Oh, wow, I got behind on reading my favorite blogs and didn't know about your surgery until now! I'm so glad you're recovering...just remember not to try to do too much at once. You were able to get a lot more knitting done during your recovery than I did when I broke my leg last spring. Well done! (Love, love, LOVE that darling little sweater and hat!) Take care!