Monday, October 29, 2012

Happiness is. . .

Even though the edges of Frankenstorm approach, I'm going to carve a smiley face out of my pumpkin...
I like smiley pumpkins, and people, and this has me thinking about when and where I find my joy and happiness. Happiness and joy have been abundant in our lives, when I have been looking in the right places. Check it out:

Happiness is sometimes quiet, like a sleeping kitten.
Don't wake the "baby." That will happen soon enough.
Take time to bask in the warmth of a quiet joy.
Happiness is sometimes fleeting, like the rain.
So sing and dance in the rain, and enjoy
happiness when it finds you.
Happiness is totally attainable, if you're willing to get messy.
Sometimes you have to get some gunk outta your life to be
happy. Sometimes you've gotta do that more than once.
Happiness is the reward for making other people happy.
On this mission trip, happiness is a bag of rice for
Mom, and a balloon animal for the kids.
Happiness is more lasting if you're willing to be silly sometimes.
A little dose of silliness can really pick you up
on a cast-iron day.
Happiness is love, like a big shade tree on a summer day. 
Love covers a multitude of sins. It eases forgiveness,
and erases regret, making everyone happier.
Happiness is a box on your head (unless you're the dog).
See "silliness" and singing in the rain above.
Please, do not put a box on your dog's head.
Happiness is bubblegum and baseball, but it's not usually "24/7."
Of course, you can't have bubblegum and
baseball 24/7 either.
Happiness is perfectly pedicured-and-posed, prom-ready toes.
Put your best foot forward, and happiness will find you.
Happiness is sweet, like a little chocolate-y treat once in awhile. 
You could eat one of these every day, if you wanted to.
It's a pretty good "swap" recipe from the Hungry Girl.
Happiness and joy are a way of life. You can't always be happy, but then again, you can't always be anything really. Happiness and joy ebb and flow through our lives every day, and you will find them more often when you are looking for them (and helping others find them, too). If you're hungry for happy, open your eyes and your heart. It's there, just waiting to be found.

As October comes to a close, I hope you will be finding the joy in a holiday filled with candy, and silly-ness, and maybe a chocolate muffin (or two?) with whipped cream. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Where are you finding your happiness and joy?

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