Chocolate Muffins

I got this recipe from the Hungry Girl, back when I was recovering from my surgery, a few weeks ago. At first, I was not sure how I felt about it. Then, after trying it twice, I decided that I DO like it! I like it very much!!! So, here you go, and you're welcome!
--- Boxed cake mix, Devil's Food 
------ (Please trust me, it must be devil's food...not fudge, or triple 
------  chocolate, or double dutch chocolate...just a plain devil's food)
--- 15 oz. can PURE pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix, just pumpkin)

Preheat oven to 350 F

Mix together cake mix and pumpkin. (This takes awhile, do NOT add water, or anything else...just keep mixing until it's all moist and chocolatey!)

Grease muffin tins, or use muffin papers.

Fill 12 muffin cups equally (or 24 mini muffin cups) and bake 20-25 minutes (15-18 minutes for minis), until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Cool completely, and serve alone, or with a dollop of light whipped topping (which I highly suggest!). Yummy, and only 150* calories (75* for minis)!
*The calorie count the Hungry Girl gives is slightly higher, but I've done the math on these. Maybe she was using a different cake mix?

Oh, my! These are so very good, and I have made them for several people...and nobody has died, or gone to the hospital or anything...they just ask for seconds! Give them a try!

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