Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Knitting.  It's what I do.  Even when I don't know what I want to do next, knitting is always there.  Take this week, for example...this week has been one of those weeks that I just don't feel like doing anything.  It's summer, but it's not super hot (like it was last week)...there are activities available, but nothing seems all that appealing...I just feel a little blah. It's even been hard to get motivated to knit the things that are on my needles. 

Whether it's PMS or half-life hormonal changes, I've been lacking motivation.  There are just 2 more letters in the Alphabet Soup, the Baseball Sweater is only lacking it's second sleeve, and the Hitchhiker has been trying to thumb a ride to the knitting couch for several days, but none of that interests me.

However, since I know that knitting can cure almost anything, I finally tried casting on something new...a couple of doll blankets for a friend's granddaughters...and they are very pretty:
Gauge swatch?  On a doll blanket?  Are you kidding?
I think the bright colors have kept me going, but I almost quit on the purple one last week.  I knit it to the proper length before checking my gauge to see if it was the proper width...why am I so against gauge swatches again?...and you know that I then had to rip the whole thing out and restart with fewer stitches.  (Sigh!)  The upside is that I know the pink and yellow one will be the proper width, right from the start!  :)  I guess that another upside is that I know the second blanket won't take me too long...after all, I've knit the purple one TWICE in the past few days!  =P

There's always an upside, if you look for it.  I've had to look extra hard this week (what's up with that?), but I think I can see a silver lining around the laptop screen...yay!  Maybe looking at my Racing Hearts Socks will help:
Princess sole, for more comfort walking or running.
Hey, I think that DOES make me feel even better!  I don't remember if I blogged the big finish when I bound off these socks, but I know I told you about the charity design. So, here they are finished.  They're pretty sweet, if I do say so myself (and I do).  :)  All the links to the pattern and yarn can be found in THIS POST.  It's pretty great stuff, if I do say so myself (and I do)!

Well, that's about it for today.  Here's hoping your "hump-day" is better than ho-hum.  Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!  


  1. Aren't doll blankets similar to dishcloths? Just sayin'

    1. Well, looky there...Michelle's totally right! I think I may need an intervention!!!

  2. Oooh, handknit socks...! Love'em, hate knitting'em, love that other people love to.

  3. Those blankets are so sweet! I've been in a bit of a knitting rutt!