Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Feet

Some of you may know that I am currently in the process of designing a sock with Carolyn, (cawshirley), of the Girlfriends Knitting podcast.  (There's also a Girlfriends Knitting group on Ravelry.)  Several in the group have been talking about doing a C25K program, and running in an actual 5k in the fall, and those that are in training are truly an inspiration to me.  You see, I don't run.  No, really.  Even if zombies were chasing me, I would probably just sit down, say my last confessions, and accept my gruesome demise.

Why do I not run?  I'd say that it's mostly the clumsiness...the way I can barely walk across the room without tripping on the flatness that is the floor.  I don't even need a disheveled area rug or a misplaced toy to trip me up...I can trip on air.  It's one of my many skillz...and the tripping makes me think running is not a good idea.  That, and the fact that I fall down like it's my job.  Most days, I am happy that I can still walk!

The other reason I don't run, or rather reasons, are my not-so-happy feet... My feet have not been happy for some time.  It's mostly my fault...I have overburdened them most of my life, and when I thought I might have broken my toe a few years back, I didn't even go to have it looked at.  (By the way, this has rendered me with one foot that does not flex...or curl.  This foot, my friends, is my unsexy foot.  The sexy foot is the one you see "posing" in my sock pictures, but the other one is usually just lying there, trying to look useful.)  I hope they will forgive me someday...but, at this point, I don't think running is the way to win my feet back.

Even though I don't run, I figured that I could join in the cause by helping with sock design and test knitting.  That I can surely do without falling down!  Proceeds from the pattern sales, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of yarn for the pattern, will be going to the American Heart Association.  So, the runners (and some of the non-runners) will knit the socks, and support a wonderful charity!  I promise to let you know when the pattern is available...the yarn is already up for pre-sale!  There are two colorways, linked HERE and HERE, if you want to take a look...or, you know, support a good cause by grabbing some new yarn!  Thanks Desert Vista Dyeworks!

You know who has really happy feet?  
Since she learned to walk, I think that Peanut's feet are usually the happiest of all the feet around here!  Last week, however, her feet were not so happy. 
Yep, that's an IV in her foot.  She needed fluids and breathing treatments.
Reactive Airway Disease (like asthma, and she'll hopefully grow out of it) landed her a night in the hospital, but some asthma medication and a portable nebulizer are keeping her from going back!  And her feet have hand knit Gramma socks, so they are happily running again! 
Catch me!, Catch me!, if you can...
Now her feet are getting back to normal, and we are all joining in the running after her again!  Slow down, Peanut!  Let them see the socks!
Now let's show them why you like to run to the front door...who's out there?
That Pop-Pop is somethin' else, ain't he?  He gives us all Happy Feet!

Thanks for stopping by!  Take care of yourself, and Knit in Good Health!

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