Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I used to. . .

At our last knit night, I overheard one of the knitters say, "I don't pole dance...anymore..."  Looking at her, I never would have guessed that perhaps she knew how to pole dance!  I know, I know.  It may have been a joke, but it got me thinking about things that I don't really do anymore.

I used to roller skate almost every Saturday.  In my defense, everybody was the 80s.  About a decade ago, I helped to start and organize an annual family skate night for our church, and it was fun!  But, it's been a few years since then even. 

I used to play the trumpet.  Actually, I also used to play the flute, then the clarinet, then the trumpet, then the trombone, then the french horn.  I may or may not have dabbled with a guitar and some keyboards along the way as well, but I never really worked at them.  When my elementary school band director heard that I had taught myself to play the trumpet the summer after 6th grade, and then landed 3rd chair in the 7th grade band, he said, "Nooo!  Saxophone is next, not trumpet!"  I never did pick up a saxophone, and I still own a clarinet and a trumpet, but I can't remember the last time I tried to make a sound with either one.

I used to swim a lot.  I mean hours and hours upon hours in the pool, all summer long, swimming laps for the sheer enjoyment of it.  I was not a fast swimmer, and I never won any awards for my swimming.  Slow and steady was I, striving for "poetry in motion" with every stroke (that's what one of my early swim instructors told us to work towards)...minimizing the splashes, imagining myself long and lean, toes pointed, cutting through the water like a little red sports car glides across the pavement without resistance. Waltzing in my head as I freestyled my way along, kick-two-three, kick-two-three, "Daahhh, daahhh, da dummmmm!  Da, da, da, dahhh, da dummmmmm!"

Oh yeah, I used to dance.  I danced to the music on the radio in my mom and dad's kitchen when Gary Dee was the morning DJ on WHK radio.  I danced in the living room on holidays and special occasions when I had a fancy dress to twirl in.  I danced in the back yard to the music in my head.  Once, I danced in a dress that my mother had bought for her senior prom...I wore that dress to my senior prom, and I recently ran across it in storage.
It was swingy, and sparkle-y, and simply spectacular!  
Wow, finding that dress makes me want to dance again!  You know what else makes me want to dance?  This tiny tush, keeping time to Van Halen's Tattoo at my house last night!:
Future groupie?  Daddy and Pop Pop sure hope not!

Yep, I danced, too.  (Just for clarification, there was no pole involved.)  There is no video evidence, but I totally danced!  Then, after Peanut's bedtime, I played with yarn.  I used to play with yarn, and YAY!, I still do!!!  

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Do you still dance?


  1. I still dance. To make my kids laugh. Funny how things we used to not do we do again when there are kids around... add that to the list of why they are pretty amazing.

    I should be at knitting tonight with your yarn!!!