Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Help me make it through the Knit...

With all the "transitional" weather we have had this spring, Pretty thinks it's time to cast on a summer sweater.  You know, one to keep with her ALWAYS...for the chilly morning commute...and for the lower than she needs AC in the office (and almost every restaurant she will enter this summer)...I'm thinking cotton or cotton blend, a lightweight sweater, maybe a little lacy even.  I have some cotton/wool (Brown Sheep Cotton Fine) from last year's Wool-A-Palooza, and some mercerized cotton (Classic Elite Provence) from the year before. and I think there may be others hiding around the stash, so I have the yarn.

Now I have to pick a pattern, and there are just so many options!  The thought of sifting through every pattern I love is throwing me to-and-fro in my Knitting Mojo, and frankly, I am afraid that putting off the decision will only add more "gotta-knit-that!" patterns to my queue on good ol' Ravelry, so will you please help me decide?  I've narrowed it down to 3 choices, and here they are, in no particular order:

Petal is a short sleeved, lacy little number that is sure to ward off the chill of a blowing vent on my shoulders.  With short sleeves, tho, I am not sure she will be warm enough...
Turn of the Glass is a feminine, but substantial DK-weight cardigan, with long sleeves and no lace (but look at the rib detail that helps to shape the waist!), and I WILL knit this one eventually!  Should this be my next cast on?
This DROPS pattern (with numbers for a name...must be some foreign thing), is also in the running.  This one, in the natural, off white yarn shown, reminds me of the stitching on a baseball, and therein lies the charm for me.  Because so many springs and summers found Sweetie and I spending sultry (or snowy!) afternoons watching our favorite shortstop on the field...the lace pattern here will certainly evoke pleasant memories every time I wear it!  Of course, DROPS patterns sometimes make my head spin...
So, what do you think?  I've thunk and I've thunk 'til my thinker is sore! Please leave a comment to share your opinion (and let me know if you have knit any of these, as well!).  While I'm waiting to hear what you think, I have a long-overdue quilt project to get started on with these:
I know, it's not a great pic, but that's a little by design.  This is for a friend, surprising someone, and I don't know who might read, this is me being secretive (yet still posting things on the Internet...yeah, not so secretive...)  I have been looking forward to this project for some time, and I am hoping to go shopping by or before the weekend for the first of my supplies...yippee!!!  I'd say that I'll keep you posted, but like I said, it's a secret, so maybe not.  lolz!  

In any case, there should still be knitting.  You can't hear the TV over a sewing machine, and there are a couple of shows I kinda love, so there should still be quiet-and-relaxing knitting.  Once we pick a cardigan, there will be even more to show off, I am sure!

Thanks for stopping by, and (in advance) for leaving me a comment to let me know which one you think I should knit knext!  Knit in Good Health!

PS - By the way, if you're thinking that post title reminds you of a "vintage" country song, here it is...


  1. The Drops pattern, it made me say ooooo, and now I'll probably look for it . . . . thank you for adding another project to the list, it isn't like I don't have any sweaters already started or anytihing. But what is one more?

  2. Def the drops pattern! You are up for the head spinning challenge!!!!!!

  3. I have to agree! I love the drops pattern! The Turn of the glass is pretty cool too...I think I need to go add this to my Rav. favorites!