Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buying and Knitting Rhymes

This week I did it again, I bought yarn.
From a friend a-destashing
I bought yarn, I bought yarn!!!

I thought I could hold off 'til Wool-Fest, I did.
But I couldn't, by golly...
Just look what I did:
Some's been discontinued, and some are my faves,
But all of the colors in that box - 
They're all my faves!

Besides the yarn-buying, I also did knit.
But socks and secret hats are not
All that I've knit. . .

See here, I have knitted a fine letter "J"!
Letter "F" will soon follow
That fine letter "J".

And now that I've bought and knitted this rhyme,
It's time to wrap up,
My newest blog rhyme!

Don't judge, I know this isn't Pulitzer-Prize-winning stuff, but rhyming is hard work for an early Wednesday morning!  Off I go now to my real job, and then more knitting (and less rhyming), for sure. . .

Thanks for stopping by, and knit in good health!


  1. I don't blame you for getting that yarn. I can't pass up a yarn deal.

  2. Well we all fall off the yarn diet sometimes!