Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bright, Bright, Bright Sunshine-y Day

Yep! I've got sunshine, alright! It may have been a bit chilly over the weekend, but that sun has really been making a good showing lately. . .yay! That means Peanut can ride her new toy!: Of course, it makes for less time to knit. . .but I did still manage to finish the pink stocking this weekend, too. . .It may have been sunny during the daylight hours, but with the recent time change, it's getting DARK very, very early. . .and dark-time = knitting-time! (Sometimes anyway!) Heck, even when it's dark, we still have a lot of sunshine in our lives. :) Who could argue, especially seeing this face?: And you know what nearly-8-month-old Peanut is reminding me of A LOT lately?She's reminding me of another little girl I knew and loved, and one of my favorite photos of her, when she was (quite coincidentally) about the same age! That seems so long ago and far away. . .especially now that she is all grown up and married-like. And this week we celebrate her birth, yay! When she was a baby, I loved her so much that I could not imagine ever loving her more. Even so, with every passing year, my love for her has grown by leaps and bounds. Now that she's "all grown up," she's even given us a Snake-In-Law to love as well, and we are so glad to have them in our lives.

I hope that you are blessed in your families, and that you find your sunshine every day, no matter what the weather may bring! Thanks for stopping by, and

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Little Peanut is so cute. Are she & Wifey-Poo up here while Army boy is off across the pond?

    I know we keep saying this, but we MUST get together.