Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cat Interrupted

Pretty: I am super busy again, guys. Would you be dear cats, and write me a blog post, puh-leazzze? Pretty Please, with a chocolate covered mouse on top...

Cat 1: Really?!? Can't you see that
Crochet Dude is on? I mean, I DVR-ed this weeks ago, and I am just now sitting down to enjoy it. . .could you have picked a worse day?

Pretty: Hmmm, I guess not. What about you? I see that you're not watching TV, or really doing anything right now...and I really have to get going on my costume for Trunk or Treat at the church tonight...

Cat 2: Can't. Bath. Be gone with you.Pretty: (sigh!) Well, I guess that's that then. No blog today. (sigh!)

Cat 1: Ack! Why does she always do that?
I can't take the guilt! Meooohhh! The GUILT!

Cat 2: I'm fine. You just do what you gotta do. (struts off, indignant)

Cat 1:'re such a big help. Fine, I'll just do it myself. It'll be better that way anyhow.

Pretty: Thanks! You're the best. (turning to where Cat 2 was) You, notsomuch...(Pretty then runs off to goodness-knows-where, and the cats suspect that they won't see her for some time.)

Cat 1: OK, let's do this thing. This is what it looks like where we live. That Halloween thing is coming up, and it's cold. It's fun to watch the leaves fall outside the window, but the black cat...well, let's just say that she thinks this is her own personal holiday...yeah, she's (in air quotes with her little white paws) "SPECIAL" this time of year. Give me a break!

And over here, this is what Pretty came home with after her knitting group this week. Seriously? Like she needs more yarn...knitting is stupid... I mean, knitting just lays around all day, waiting to have it's picture taken...who has time for that?!? Oh, wait...I guess I just volunteered myself to have time for that. (bangs kitty-head against table, mumbling, "Stupid knitting...stupid knitting...")Now, as I previously told Pretty, it's time for my show. Be gone with you. Hello Drew...and your beautiful-and-non-demanding crochet...Mrrrowwww!Pretty (to Cat 1): Thanks! You are the best, my precious calico!
And to the rest of you, thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health! (But try to keep the candy away from the cashmere and the cashmere away from the cats! Trust me...)


  1. I am clearly NOT funny...the cats get far more laughs...perhaps they should blog more often!