Saturday, August 6, 2011

7 DAYS and counting. . .

I will not post daily from here until the wedding. I will post today that there are 7 days more, and I will post on Wednesday, as usual. And next week, you know, on THE DAY OF THE WEDDING? Well, there will be a post, but it may be short! lol

Today has been good so far. :) I've only been moving for two hours or so, but the laundry is in, and I am going to the farm in a bit for my CSA. . .so far, so good! Other items on the list are picking up Sweetie's tux; helping Dollface and Snake get their new apartment "just so," so they have someplace to go after the honeymoon; maybe catching a movie later; cleaning up our house in the aftermath of the daughter's move. . .wow! If it weren't so close to the wedding, I'd consider climbing back in bed for a NAP!

But if I did that, I might forget to blog all the knitting that happened this week! Oh, and there was knitting!

Knitting for the wedding:

Even the wedding garter is eager!

It loved perching on my knee. . .

Knitting for the baby:

She is a cutie, and she keeps growing.

She must have a new hat!

Knitting for stress relief:

A little Christmas in July knitting therapy for me.

Started in July, finished Aug. 4th, in plenty of time

to wear them for Christmas!

Yes, there has been knitting, yay! And there will be more knitting this week(although it may not get blogged). After all, there are wedding rehearsals and dinners, and cupcakes to be made and iced, and gifts to be finalized and put together. . .it's gonna be a wild week! But truly, I cannot wait for the Big Day. . .I may be more excited than she is. . .seriously. . .not!

After all, she has her bestest friends around her. . .

. . .and there is just so much "bride stuff" for her to do in preparation for becoming Mrs. Snake! I think she is having fun, and I think she is looking forward to the celebration, but I also think she is looking forward to the days (and weeks) after the wedding, when all the crazy party planning can be put behind her! In all honesty, I'm looking forward to that, too!

Thanks for stopping by Wedding Central today, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Have a great week Pam! I hope you have time to enjoy it in the midst of all the planning and to do lists. Dollface looks happy and excited. I love the thought of "Mrs. Snake." Made me giggle.

    Love the knitting! The garter is very cute & sexy and the socks are adorable.

  2. Have a fun week! I'll 2nd what Corrie said about being sure to enjoy it all!

    I also have to say Iove Dollface's friends curly hair, so pretty!