Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lime Green?!?

Did you ever get tired of your car keys? I get tired of mine on a regular basis. I got so tired of these keys recently. . . . . .that I traded them in on the keys that go with this! Some of my friends are not fans of the lime green (lime squeeze metallic, to be specific!). . .but I am! The bunnies all seem to approve of the car too, and of the lime green color! They also approve of the fact that Mr. Pretty and I spent some time de-cluttering as we downsized into our party car, the one that boasts 38 miles to the gallon - C'mon, everybody, get down and Fi-es-ta! Well, that's not how the song goes, but I am still a Shaun Cassidy fan, so I couldn't help myself. The bunnies are not fans of Shaun, or of my cluttered lifestyle. The past few days they have been really bugging me about all the clutter on my desk and in my life. . .

"Didn't you join the 'Get the Crap Out' challenge last summer?," they nag. . . "You should take notes from Music Man. Make your desk look more like this. . ."

"Pretty! Get these bunnies off my desk. . .!" *

"Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir. Sorry, Sir." **

Such is the life of a Pretty Knitty Secretary, temporarily overrun by felt rabbits. sigh! Hopefully I can de-clutter a little in the near-ish future. . .for now, I think I will knit. Yes, knitting seems the perfect solution. . .any suggestions on what I should knit for the Little Peanut? I think she needs a little something for Easter, no? YES!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

*Where I work, no one has ever yelled at me. lol?

**I am not really that "Yes, Sir"-ish as a secretary. However, I don't like to let my hobbies interrupt those actually doing their jobs, either. . .


  1. I for one LOVE the Lime green AND the ambient lighting!

    I see the bunnies are still having fun!

    AND you know I think you should make a Spring Garden tee for Peanut too!

  2. Gosh, I never thought of that solution when I get tired of my car keys. You are just brilliant!

    Don't let the bunnies in the new car tho, or there will be lots of pellets in your new upholstery. Ick

  3. it just me, or are there now more bunnies than there were a few days ago?

    And this alleged musicman with the clean desk. He scares me. (If he signs the paycheck, don't let him see this.)

  4. New car! New car smell! Better way to get to peanut! Yea! And I'm with Julie on the way to get rid of keys you're tired of. Bunnies seem to be having fun, may have to get me some. Naw, but I did see a cute elephant the other day . . .