Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Down on the Farm

Pretty Knitty spent a good part of last Saturday afternoon "down on the farm" at That'll Do Farm in a nearby town. I love the farm, the alpaca and goats, the dogs and the chickens, and especially the llama, Joey. But in February, I love the great indoors and the company of yarnigans most of all!

I especially love that the knitters are quite the happy bunch!

Happy, happy, happy, with yarn on the needles, and. . .and. . .*AHEM!*
. . .*Ahem!* Pretty said "Happy," not bi-polar!

I guess many of the knitters are emotional creatures. . .changing their minds and moods on a whim. . .it just comes with the territory. You know what else? Lean in close here, because this may be kindofasecret. . .many of the yarnigans are bi-craftual! You know, they knit and they crochet, or they knit and they spin. . .some are even multi-craftual! This one is a hooker:

Not that kind of hooker! What are you thinking? This is a family blog! She's a rug-hooker!, and she made some pretty good progress on her sunflower leaves last Saturday afternoon. We all made some progress last Saturday afternoon. . .that's why we are a happy bunch!
Pretty actually walked out of the farm with knitted fabric, and a good amount of it, for her re-knit project, Hey Teach!, recently ripped out at the Frog Pond.
And before we all left the farm, to go back to our own boring houses in the city, there was one happy knitter who noticed something strange in the parking lot. . .apparently the white cars are keeping quite the eye on those sneaky, sneaky blue cars!
I have heard that blue cars can be tricky. . .sooo, wherever you are, whatever your weather, be safe this spring and watch out for those blue cars! lol
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. It was a good day! It's always a good day at the farm.

  2. LOL! Looks like agreat time..I'm going to have to get out there one of these Saturdays! Hmm but where should I car is Mocha....

  3. I love the way hand-hooked rugs look. Not enough people do that!

  4. I'm wondering if y'all need to have a few words with the groundhog. That last photo looks suspiciously like winter to me.

  5. It was a great time, Heather! And Cozy, when I do find that groundhog, he will get a gooood talking can be sure! lol