Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas In Review!

Soooo, Pretty has officially made it through Christmas. . .whew! I hope that you did, too, and that you found something to celebrate along the way! I don't want this blog post to last clean into 2011, so I am gonna get right to the Christmas knitting:

First up, "But can you knit slippers?," said the brother-in-law to the knitter at the 4th of July picnic. Yes, Brother-In-Law 1, there is a knitter in the family. . .and here are your Christmas Slippers (P-p-p-poker Slippers, under a table for five after Christmas dinner):
"Well, I want Bunny Slippers," challenged Brother-In-Law 2, at the same summer picnic. So, he shall have fuzzy, pink bunny slippers. . .because. . .you know. . .bunny slippers have to be pink and fuzzy!
Brother-In-Law 3 did not chime in, perhaps thinking that he would like to wear his special, hand-knit by Pretty out of the house to show it off? (A knitter can dream, can't she?) Whatever the reason, there had to be a knit for the third BIL, so Pretty got going on a looooooong, double-knit scarf for the winter. These brothers are tall, very tall!
Once the BIL knitting was finished, I got right to work on College Girl and her friend, Snake. Confession - "Snake" is the Boy Friend. I figured that I can't call them College Girl and Boy Friend forever (especially since he is now technically the fiance), so one day I asked if he would like any particular blog name. He said Snake, and I warned that I would use that. Snake seemed unfazed, so Snake it is! And Snake has been knitworthy since I met him (Yay!), so he got TWO hand-knits this year! Socks. . .
. . .and slippers! College Girl said that Snake had seen the other slippers and LOVED them, so I was honor-bound to knit him a pair as well! lol
Of course, with such a knitworthy guy as Snake in her life, you know that College Girl is knitworthy as well, and so she simply had to have socks to match his, and here they are!
In the middle of all of this secret, Christmas knitting, you may remember that there were a couple of other things happening in my pretty life as well. . .the biggest of these was the Baby Shower. . .and you may remember hearing about some pink mittens and a scarf that the mommy-to-be requested. . .

While these were not secret, I thought I'd take a minute to let you know that the mittens. . .
. . .and the scarf (a takeoff on the Palindrome Scarf) are officially finished!
They have been packaged up and shipped off to Wifey-Poo, and not a moment too soon! She and Army Boy live in the southeast quadrant of the great US of A, and they got some very snowy weather this week! I know that she will be glad to see some more hand-knits in her sightly-more-southern-than-"home" climate this winter!
There has been other knitting as well, like the finished December Socks and a new Hat for Pretty, and I promise to tell you all about it in the next few posts. For now, though, I think I have adequately filled up the 2010 blog year. . .my first full year of blogging! Thanks for stopping by today, and for continuing to follow my Pretty Knitty Adventures! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us all!
Knit in Good Health!
PS - many of these items were knit with a pattern in mind, like the "Converse" slippers, but no actual pattern. I am hoping to write up patterns for items like these in the coming year. . .of course, if 2011 proves to be as busy as 2010, who knows when that will happen. . .just wanted to let you know! :)


  1. All your Christmas knitting is gorgeous! I especially love the slippers. You did a fabulous job getting all those gifts done!

  2. Phew! you were busy! all fun and lovely knits!!

  3. Everything looks finished over here, too. You are a much faster knitter than I am. I think you spend more time doing it than I do, though.

  4. I bet they love them . look at my blog soon i am going to blog a lot more if you forgot it is