Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Shower, check!

Even though it is not a great picture, this was a GREAT presentation when she opened it at the Baby Shower! All of the hand-knits clipped to a yarn "clothesline," which was set up to be pulled out of the gift bag as she opened it. . .

Thank you, College Girl, for being a super sister-in-law and helping Wifey-Poo through the gifts at the shower. And thank you for helping your mom and dad, and for bringing a friend who helped a great deal herself! I would thank that friend by name, but she doesn't have a blog-name yet! lol

Here is a little better look at the items on the clothesline, and more! 1. Green sweater, bonnet and booties. The pattern for the sweater is Helena from Knitty, and I used the lace for the bonnet, which I kinda made up outta my head. The booties are based on this pattern, but there are some changes. . . The whole set was knit in Italian yarn, cotton DK - and I loved every minute of it!

2. Pink Heart Afghan. This is crocheted in Caron Simply Soft and the pattern is Hearts and Bows by Anne Halliday. As designed, I should have woven ribbon through the border and tied "bows" at the corners, but I skipped that in favor of an easy-to-wash afghan.

3. 5-hour Baby Sweater. Basic Pattern that you all know in one form or another. Instead of a worsted yarn, I paired a pink and a white DK (Bernat baby Coordinates) together. All of the details are on my Ravelry project page!

4. Cabled Cotton Sweater, as seen at Old Navy (well, almost). This is my favorite basic pattern from The yarn was Knit Picks Shine Sport, although it felt closer to a DK or worsted weight in my hands. This was my first time with this yarn and I L-O-V-E love it!!! It has a wonderful drape and a little sheen from the modal in the blend that makes the finished sweater seem "fancy!"
5. Last, but not least, are 4 pair of Baby Sockies! There were going to be more, but I am only one knitter! I really had to draw the line somewhere, and these were the easiest to cut from the lineup. There are a couple basic patterns, and I used leftover yarns from socks of my own. My granddaughter and I will have matching, handknit socks! What could be better?

Soooo, now I can check off the Baby Shower! It's a little sad, though. . .I spent a LOT of time getting ready for it, and we had so much fun! I almost wish we could do it again. . .almost, but not quite. Now I am ready to start thinking a little more about Christmas!

There is no tree up, but the knitting is actually nearly done. There will not be a large crowd for the holiday at Pretty's house. Still, I think. . .

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute!
candles at the window, carols at the spinet -
Yes, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!
We need a little Christmas NOW!

Look for some Christmas in my next post. . .
Until then, I hope that you will all Knit in Good Health! :-)


  1. That's adorable! What a fabulous idea, and a lucky little baby.

  2. All so very cute..

    That is one of my favorite Christmas songs....I'm sure I'll be humming it all night now!