Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two Faces Have I

Sooo, apparently I now have two faces? Kinda. Remember when I broke my glasses? Remember the ordeal of the spare pair of doom? Well, so do I! That's why I decided that now I need to always have two pair of current glasses. At first it sounded like an expensive venture, but then I looked into some online shops, and found out that I can get specs to my specs pretty cheap - Yay! So I did!

And, as long as I was not breaking the bank, I decided to have some fun with it, too! The first pair I got at Wally-World, which is pretty standard procedure for Pretty, except that the frames were a little bolder than I usually choose. The other pair I currently love to wear is from Goggles4U. (This is not an ad, just a letting-you-know kinda thing, I promise.) I was wary of ordering something like glasses online, but it seems to have turned out just fine, at about half the cost of my store-bought pair, and I call that a win!

Oh!, and they are PURPLE! Very purple. . .so purple that I forgot how purple they were between the time I ordered and the time they arrived! But, you know what? I like 'em! You can see some photos of both frames over there on the left, and you know what else? I think I like to accessorize with my glasses. I am a Girl Who Wears Glasses, and I love it! (I didn't always, but now, I am sure that I do!)

And I love that I have glasses that I can see out of, and that I have a spare pair at the ready, just in case, because seeing is important to a knitter!

Speaking of knitting, in Knitting Knews this week, I finished a couple things! A Christmas project (no pix - keepin' it covert), technically it was project #3, but it's the 4th finished Christmas project, soooo, take that for whatever it's worth to ya!

I also finished the first of my October socks - the Dragonfly pattern - which is working up SUPER QUICK! It's just flying away on the needles! I started these just before the potluck last Saturday, and I think I will easily be done by next weekend! I love the colors of this 5th Avenue Funky Sock Yarn, even though it's acrylic. . .and I have worn acrylic socks before. . .they are not as nice as wool, truth be told, but they wear like iron, and if the Hubs should accidentally wash and dry (because he is a totally hip and happ'nin' kinda guy who is not above doing the laundry sometimes), no problem! "Acrylic Yarn - it can save your marriage. . ." lol
I also love the way variegated yarns look in an Eye of Partridge heel flap. . .Oooooh!, preeetty!
I just love to pick these up all the time. . .I am really not sure what I will do when they are done, except that I will probably cast on the November socks. . .but I don't know if I can really love a pattern/yarn-color marriage as much as I am currently loving this one. . .sigh! I suppose that I will survive, in any case. ;-P

Oh! I know what I can do next! I still need another baby girl sweater, and I happen to have this yarn. . .Sounds like a pretty nice match up to me! So, I guess my two faces and I will sign off now. Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Love the red glasses and you'd better bring/wear those purple ones to knitting next week so I can check them out! I may have to get myself a pair! (it might finally convince me to make my eye dr appointment!) I know I need new contacts so $30 glasses with the new RX sounds like a good deal!

  2. Wow only $30? I wear bifocals. Are they also cheap? lol

  3. Stay young. If you don't need bifocals, you can have be a pair a day glasses girl. Sadly, the progressive lenses I use cost the same there as they do at the docs. Quel bummer. (Quel do I really need to see stuff up close? Fine print? The calorie count on the back of the cookie package. Hummmm......

  4. Wow I love the eye of partridge heel! I think I'll have to try it on my next pair of socks!