Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feels Like the First Time?

In the Land of OUT, here's what left my house this week:
My Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine,
acquired secondhand in the dead of the winter doldrums this past February, has gone to a better place. A place where nobody will swear at it, or pound it, threatening it's needles within an inch of their little 3-inch-long lives. Following yet another failed attempt at a quick project, Double-Oh-Seven (the Bond) has found a new home, and has officially been banned from mine!

Ravelry Message to a friend who owns a similar knitting machine:

Well, I sat down at my Bond USM again yesterday, and you know what? It was just like the first time. Now, sometimes it’s good when something familiar “feels like the first time” again, but I have decided that is NOT the case with machine knitting…and lately every time feels like the first time, so I think I am going to officially throw in the towel…I just don’t have time for a hobby that makes me think in “F-” words…sigh! Do you want another Knitting Machine?

Signed, Pretty ;-) who is starting to realize that she simply does not have time to master EVERY SINGLE HOBBY in the universe, although she would like to.

Her answer:

OMG! Really?! I would love it! I had connected mine with an old Bond from Ebay, and used it a lot that way, but the old one has broken segments and we fell out of love. But if I connected it with one that’s still in workable condition, I think we could fire up our romance again :>)

Although think this through. Are you sure you’re not just having a rough patch and you’ll be regretting if you pass it on?

My "Final Answer":

I have thought it through. House too small. Minutes too few. Patience too middle-aged. I even made a small place to keep the thing set up, but I could not put it behind a door, so had to "barricade" it from cats (I can not EVER, for the stupid cats, leave a project out in mid-knit), and I find myself walking by, wistfully sighing my regrets. . .sigh!

Then, I do get an evening when I think I have the time to go start-to-finish on a project, and it feels like the first time all over again - UGH!

So, I think the stars have lined up for you, my friend, and I hope the two of you will be very happy together!

And, judging by the smile on her face, and the stars in her eyes, when I handed the silly thing over, I think they will be. I wish them many happy years of knitting together. :)

In Knitting Knews, there has been much progress on a baby sweater in cotton (new project for freshly hatched little guy at church), and also on the Wickerware Socks in Serenity Sock Yarn (with Deborah Norville on the label). Christmas Project #2 is also well underway, and Project #1 is almost finished, but of course I can't show you those!

I hope that your knitting (by hand and/or machine) is going well this weekend, and that you are loving what you're doing!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yay I'm sure you and the knitting machine will be much happier now!

  2. Good girl! (pat, pat, pat!) So far on my efforts, I've listed 3 (wooooo, three!!!) fat quarters on my Etsy, in a new section called 'destash'. bottom line, they may be listed, but they are not vamoosed. Maybe I should step my game up. (When it cools down.)

  3. I had a knitting machine that I used for one skirt to match a Kaffe Fassett sweater for my mom, and one afghan. After that I too gave mine away. Just not worth the hassle and lack of satisfaction.