Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still Snowing. . .

And again. . .because I live in this neighborhood today:
And because the drifts were this high when I woke up (Thank You, Honey!, for digging us out!):
I decided to work on some of this last night and this morning:
Chunky Monkey Scarfie for College Girl in Lion Brand Homespun USA (above), and
Mosey Into February legwarmers for College Girl in Red Heart Super Saver (below). By the way, there is nothing better on a cold and snowy Saturday that a kitty on your lap and a cup of hot coffee or tea! sigh!
Then, because I was able to purchase a $100 knitting "machine" second-hand for $25 last week (Thank you Ravelry, and Mary1968!), I decided that I would set it up and do some manic knitting! Because, you know, it's a will be easier (and faster!) than knitting by hand, right? So I set it up on the dining room table, which I could not clamp the machine to, but I figured the clamps probably weren't crucial, right?
So, I set it up, and I made a couple of passes with the carriage. . .
And this happened (and I could not fix it without taking it apart):
So, I unravelled, and I re-set, and I tried (and tried) again. . .and this happened:
And I started to question myself and the machine, and the need for the clamps. So, I planned a new set up, and Honey adjusted the holes so that the clamps that came with the machine originally would actually fit. . .and then I had a nice set-up, under a bright window, with the machine clamped to a sturdy table:
And still I managed to goof things up enough that the knitting actually fell off the machine!
I was so frustrated! So I stopped and went with Honey to the church where he cleared some snow and I played with a couple of little darlings whose dad was also clearing snow, and I introduced them to some Classic Sesame Street music! (They thought I was a little old to be listening to Sesame Street Music, but I assured them that I was not!)

When I got home, I gave the machine another go...and look! Knitting!
I produced a swatch! 25sts x 25rows! Yay! I CAN do it! There is hope for the machine yet!
And then we baked a frozen pizza (which was pretty yummy), and I remembered that I still had not blogged! Soooo, here I am! Eventually, I hope to use the machine for quick baby sweaters, and other projects with a lot of stockinette. . .and to knit up yarn into "blanks" for dyeing. That's the plan, and I am sure that I will let you know how it goes until it gets there! In the meantime, I hope that you and I will all. . .

Knit in Good Health!