Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When the Deep Purple falls. . .

. . .over Sleepy, Cabled Socks. . .WAIT! That doesn't rhyme!

But Deep Purple has been on my mind as I knit up this purple Knit Picks Stroll yarn(in African Violet) to go on my feet! Literally every time I take out these socks lately, I can see (and hear) Donny and Marie in my mind's eye. . .Donny and Marie in various purple layers of chiffon. . .Donny and Marie in purple jumpsuits with purple sequins all over their shoulders and belts. . .Donny in a tuxedo with a purple tie and vest, and again with the sequins. . .Donny and Marie fashion dolls in the very outfits they wore on TV for their variety show. . .Donny with his endless supply of sparkly, purple socks. . .
Of course, my socks are not sparkly. Not at all. Not even a little bit. But sparkly yarn is sometimes itchy, so I didn't even look for sparkly yarn. . .I am sure it is out there, but I didn't even look for it. Truth be told, I wasn't even planning on making socks with this yarn. . .I was thinking about a striped baby sweater with this, a lighter purple and a sage green. Then I made up my sock kits for this year, and I thought, "Why not purple socks?!?"
Trivia alert!: "Donny was known for wearing purple socks as a teen. Though most fans believed it was because he liked the color, it was actually because his mother and sister found purple socks on sale, so they bought a whole bunch."
(Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this bit of trivia. I can, however, attest to the fact that it is trivial! Here is where I found it - TV Trivia)
Soooo, here I am, about seventy-five percent finished with my second pair of purple socks this summer. . .I hope that I have enough purple in my wardrobe to support that! (I think I do. . .snicker!) Of course, the socks are wool, and I am all about the sandals this summer, so I won't be wearing them for awhile. I guess I won't worry about it just yet. . .maybe I will get me some purple yarn in the same (or similar) shade, for a fall/winter sweater! Oooooh! More yarn! Oooooh! I love yarn! Squirrel!
Since I am finally distracted from the purple socks, here's a little peek at my latest, fluffy project. The yarn is Bernat Baby Boucle, and I like it pretty well, but it's a bear to rip back, so I am trying to watch really close as I go. . .more details later!
And the latest jewelry to debut in the shop! See the sweet pink and brown beads? Because variety is the spice of life!
I'm thinking that if Americans were to start eating with this tiny 3/4-inch silverware, obesity would be less of an "epidemic!" But I'd rather have them on a row counter! What would you like to see on a row counter? Leave me a comment to let me know, and. . .
Knit in Good Health!


  1. SOOO funny! Total flash-back memories!!! Haha!

  2. Love the purple socks.. I have to admit I have never worn hand made socks before. I have no clue as how to make them either.. LOL.. I have made one pair of slipper for my youngest daughter and they were too tight.. I had finished them so I couldnt rip them out.. LOL..

  3. I do know a friend of yours..ahem..who does have plenty of purple in her wardrobe for purple socks..and she would love and care for handknit socks...just sayin'..just in case... ;o)

  4. Those are C.O.O.L kinda mad but ill tell you later