Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird Wednesday

Do you ever have those days where you are trying to get something. . .anything. . .accomplished, and the ENTIRE UNIVERSE seems to be against that very thing??? Yeah. That's kinda how I have been feeling the past couple days. Like, I think that I am just gonna get this one thing done, but So-and-So and So-and-So keep asking me to do other things (things that clearly fall within my job description and/or general capabilities), and then I get distracted (think Dug from Up, as in, "Squirrel!"), and forget what it was that I was trying to do. . . Aaaargh!

Ooooh! Looky. . .flowers!!!:
And more shiny flowers!!!:
Yep, shiny, happy people am I lately. . .and easily distracted (Squirrel!). The knitting is suffering. . .the work is suffering. . .the house is suffering. . .and I do not have any idea what has happened to my brain. And the cat adores Dad above all others:
Here is the knitting that has not suffered:
Traveling Woman Shawl in Destination Yarn (seriously. check her out!). This yarn's colorway is Vienna. . .maybe it's all the sugar that's got me so scattered? Yummmm!
BUT STOP TRYING TO EAT MY YARN, CAT! (wonder why she likes him better? hmmm)

So, this post is pretty random. . .if you like random, and you like funny, check out my fellow blogger and yarn enthusiast,
Cozy. Her blog makes me laugh so hard I wet myself (oooohhh, TMI?). . .and the things in her shop are soooo cute. . .but I digress. . .seems to be the theme this day.

Knit in Good Health, even if you are easily distracted (Squirrel!)!


  1. Oooooh, nice scarf, and amazingly delicious looking yarn! I zipped off to check out the pattern. So nice, must have my queue already. (Squirrel?)
    And fank you for the nice words for my blog and shop! It's comforting to know I am loved even while in the grips of this soul-sucking headache.
    And if that cat doesn't shape up, let me know and I'll send Bunny your way. He's the Enforcer. (He Does Things We Don't Discuss. Just know this, Cat: you should be very afraid.)

  2. Must....step away....from the glorious sock yarn. *drool, drool*

  3. I know exactly waht you mean!! My work has been insane crazy this week, and will be next week too...Thank God for Knitting tomorrow night!!!

    I can't belive you are almost done with your traveling woman!