Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Ought'a be in Pictures!

And now, I think I am!

I told you a couple weeks ago about a new craft venture, and it has now come to fruition! You see, I have a friend who has some stunning photo jewelry that uses pictures of her kids, and she wears it all the time, and I covet it. It is, however, on the pricey side of things for my Pretty Knitty budget. . .sooooo, I decided to see what I could do with some glass, some resin, some jewelry findings, and my own photos! This is what I came up with!:
A bracelet for College Girl, featuring her and the Boyfriend! She let me take some photos from her Facebook page, and I made some chain maille connectors for three charms, and I am rather proud of myself! Bonus!, she likes it, and I have even seen her wear it twice! I also did a few other picture charms, and I plan to make something(s) for someone(s) with them, maybe for Christmas?. . .more on that later.

For now, it seems that I am in [the business of] pictures! So I thought to my Pretty Knitty self, "Hey! I could make charms like this for my row counters!," And then I did!:
I used a couple of my personal, knitting and yarn photos, and played with the color a bit to "stylize" them, and I ended up with a few usable pieces that I truly love! So, I thought to my Pretty Knitty self, "Self, you should make some new row counters for the shop. . .," and then I did!:

Seven new counters for the Pretty Knitty Shop! At this point, only two are listed, but the rest will make their way over there in the next week or two. . .I am totally jazzed about them! Aaaaaand, I have also put the word out that I can even make custom counters with the knitter's personal photos for an additional $2! Yay!

In Knitting Knews, I am still working on a sweater, a shawl and a pair of socks. . .a pretty knormal knit load for Pretty Knitty! The sweater is a new project, the Harumi Cardigan from the Smart Knitter, and I have only just begun the project. The socks are a Snowflake Lace pattern that I have wanted to knit for a looooooong time, and they are the June edition of my Sock Kits! And the shawl is another of the Knit 1 Breathe 1 variety. . .this time in Wollemeise!

OH!, and I finished the Shapely, Summer Sweater! I am liking how it turned out, and I have already worn it once! Oh!, and I am going to wear it again tomorrow, because it makes me happy! See?:

Knit in Good Health, you Pretty Knitty People!


  1. I love what you did for the new counters! They are, as the french would say, "très mignon!"

  2. Phew wow you've got a lot going on! Love the bracelts and row counters! Your top came out awesome! I love it!!

  3. Love the the pic bracelets! Any chance you'd share how you did it? Love them!