Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something New. . .

Due to some of the questions I got last week, I feel like I should clarify. There are no weddings in the immediate future for the Pretty Knitty family. But, now that I think about it, why not follow something old with something new? I mean, there really is no nostalgia in new (yet), but everything has to start somewhere!

So here's something new: I started the second Monk Sock yesterday! Yayyyyyyy! I WILL FINISH THE MAY SOCKS!!! Aaaand, I watched Ninja Assassin. . .well, I knitted through it anyway! I did not ask Hubster questions about the plot. . .since I was really not paying that much attention. . .but do note that this is not my general taste in movies.

Oh, and three other new things are the Brothers and Sisters sweaters that were finally finished yesterday! They turned out pretty cute!
I think that about covers the new stuff. We were going to go for a walk in the park again today, but then we looked up. . .yikes! Is that coming or going? Hard to tell for sure. . .

Well, a quick stop at the craft store to see where the weather is headed. . .I have a new jewelry/craft project in mind, but there are a few supplies I still need. . .

And then back to the car, where we decided to just go home rather than chance getting stuck in the rain. That's when the downpour started, but we were in the car. . .we got soaked (even with the umbrelly) just trying to get in the house! lol But the rain stopped after a while, so we did manage a quick walk in the neighborhood anyway!

All in all, it was a Pretty Lazy Saturday, lazier than usual, but it was good! There was knitting, and yarn winding (please don't ask about that tangled mess. . .I don't have a swift, and I DO have two cats - sigh!), and soon there will be television watching that involves far less blood than Ninja Assassin. . .Yay!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. Weird we never got that rain out this way,and how close am I to your house?! It was a freaky weather day...Can't wait to see the outcome of your new craft project!! (and remember you are welcome to use my ball winder and swift anytime!)

  2. Those sweaters turned out really cute! I also love your inclusion of the JoAnn bag photo :) Did you know we have these super-cute reusable totes now that are about the size of 2 regular reusable bags? I think they're going for 1.59...I bought one as soon as I saw them on the rack >.<
    Keep pluggin' and chuggin' on those socks, you can do it! We are super knitting women, hear us RAWRRRRR!

  3. Oh the mystery of your new craft project, can't wait to see more. :)