Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monkey Business!

So, I am making sweaters for siblings. I am making them from some cream colored yarn (Pound of Love) and some brown, sock-monkey-type yarn (Vanna's Choice), which is called "taupe mist" but should totally be called "sock monkey"! My plan is to knit the fronts and back of each sweater, seam them and add button-bands and collar ribbing, then move on to the next. Partly because I am not sure how much the yarn will stretch (though I can get more), partly because I am not sure whether I want cream sleeves or sock monkey sleeves, and partly beacause I haven't yet decided how similar I want them all to be.

Of course, there is one other part to that as well. . .I really knew, in my heart-of-hearts, that these sweaters needed some sock-monkey buttons. . .and I knew what I wanted them to look like. . .but I could not find what I wanted anywhere. sigh! Sooo, on Mother's Day, because it was Mother's Day, and because I had spent time enjoying my family, and they had asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of the day (I don't get that question often). . .well, I told them that I love them, and that I really wanted to play with some polymer clay. . .and they understood (giant smiley-face here). . .and I made some buttons!
20 Monkey-Face buttons, with button-holes through their nostrils (ouch!), and glass seed-beads for their eyes and pom-poms!
I won't need twenty buttons for the three small sweaters, but I just could not stop myself once I got started. I mean, look at them! And look how cute down that first button band:
The buttons are a little big for the button holes on the bands, but yarn is so flexible that I am calling them a good fit! I don't know what I will do with the leftover buttons yet. . .but I am sure they will find a home. . .

I hope that your Mother's Day was as good as mine was this year, especially if you are a mom! And I hope that you got to see, or at least talk to, your mom over the weekend. And you know what this little monkey hopes? Well, he hopes that you will all knit in good health this week. . .and so do I!
Knit in Good Health!


  1. Just ADORABLE! Now I want to knit a sock monkey. *LOL*

  2. those sweaters are cool and happy know they are out there being worn by someone special..

  3. OMG those are soooo amazing! Perfect!!!! If I ever need monkey buttons I'm comin' to you!!!

  4. such cute buttons!! We must get together-I know that we have 'talked' about it, but my schedule has been crazy, but I think that now that summer is coming I might get more free...I hope.

  5. At first glance, I thought you made really, really detailed cookies and I was going to be very impressed. Then I realized what they were -- perfect for your knitting project -- and I am even more impressed. Good job!