Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Top to Toes. . .

Or from Toes to Top. . .whichever way you look at it, this week has started out well! Let's start with the toes. . .actually the feet. . .which, by the way, are very happy. See the new shoes they got last week? They waited to tell you about them, because although the shoes are very pretty, when they arrived, the shoes were a bit snug. The feet, however, remained optimistic, and upon the third wearing, they are totally in love with the blue sandals that are on their way to being broken in perfectly. :-) The feet totally look forward to showing off in these all summer long!All the way up to the neck now, which is almost eager for the return of winter, that it might be graced by the beautiful and bulky, Malabrigo scarf in deep and rich purples and blues. The neck never felt more like singin' the blues. . .aaand the purples. . .in such a good way! Love this yarn, love the pattern (variation of the K1, B1 lace from last week's post), love the knitting, can't wait to wear the scarf!The neck hopes that summer goes fast. The rest of the Pretty Knitty self says, "Shut up, Neck!" The neck and head take comfort in the K1, B1 variation that has become a kerchief. The head looks forward to sporting this piece in the wind, to help avoid tangles and tame the tresses. It's made of wool, but very open, and the Kerchief's super power seems to be it's ability to keep the hair in it's Pretty Knitty place, while enjoying the open air!
Do you have any summer plans? I bet that you are anxious to get started on them! Pretty Knitty is ever hopeful that summer is on it's way, and that all of her readers continue in the meantime to Knit in Good Health!

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  1. OHH We have matching sandals!! Mine came today..Yay! Yours look more teal than mine..mine seem to be more gold...The kerchief and scarf both are lovely!