Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well, It's Official. . .

M&M's should stop messing with the perfect candy! I tried Coconut M&Ms today, on a whim, because I like coconut and I like M&Ms, and I like chocolate and coconut together. Unfortunately, they do not make the grade. . .in my class at least!
Luckily, when College Girl was buying me candy today, I also got a back-up. . .Almond Joy still rocks! So glad I had it!
Why was College Girl buying her dad and I candy today? Well, today was the day that we drove to her dorm and picked up all of this and more:
Her semester ends with her last final this coming week, so she just kept the essentials, and we brought the rest home with us. . .because, you know, we're pretty good parents! We are even getting used to the fact that this is our last "empty nest" weekend for awhile. . . I was actually looking forward to the drive so that I could get some test knitting done today:
I am working on a shawl pattern for the Mothers of Soldiers Group over on Ravelry. The photo above highlights the bottom-up, triangle version of the pattern (in Sock-Ease), and the photo below shows some detail of the top-down, rounded- bottom version (in Maizy). I have been working on the charts for the past few days, and I think I got it! Yay!
When I am sure that the pattern is good, I will try to get it out there for everyone. It's a pretty lace repeat, and couldn't every knitter use a pattern that reminds him or her to keep breathing? I mean, we all go through tough stuff, and major life changes, and sometimes we forget to breathe. . .never a good idea! I kept thinking about that as I watched yet another bride get ready for her big day yesterday, and it was a lovely wedding. . .and everyone remembered to breathe!
And tomorrow, I get to attend a bridal shower for one of the girls at church. I know her parents well, and I know her and her fiance. . .it will also be a lovely wedding this summer!

Still working on the socks in Monk yarn. . .started a third time. . .this time with my trusty bamboo DPNs (always my favorite option) and top-down. I always come back to this. . .I can hardly believe that it took me soooo long to just abandon both the pattern and the metal, magic loop needle! lol And now, off to post this and knit some more. . .and maybe watch a little Dirty Dancing. . .I love the "classics"!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. So pants won't be optional for much longer! LOL

    Yeah I always go back to the plain or peanut M&Ms, I got some raspberry ones a while back and they were meh....

    Your shawl is looking lovely, can't wait to see it in person!

  2. NOBODY puts Pretty Knitty in a corner! *L* Thanks for the advice about the M&Ms. I'm a big fan of Almond Joy, and had been wondering about the M&Ms. Glad to know there's one less temptation in the world. :-)

    I started a very simple shawl a good while ago (it's hibernating, waiting for me to finish knitting my summer socks) and just might rip it out to knit your pretty lacy shawl instead. I'll be watching for the pattern.

  3. agreed about the candy classics...ever tried pb cups with the chocolate on the inside and pb on the outside? EW. so not the same.

    the pattern is very pretty! can't wait to see the finished product. oh, and you'll have to tell me later who at church is getting married! cuz its the first i've heard of a wedding!

  4. I'm with Michelle on the plain or peanut M&Ms, but they have to be milk chocolate. I like dark chocolate (Dove over Hershey's) but not in my M&Ms.