Saturday, April 17, 2010

Play Date!

I had a chance to play with a friend today! Actually she was the Maid of Honor at my wedding some 20 years ago, and we have kept in touch pretty well through the years. Well, we send annual Christmas and birthday cards (her birthday is two days before mine), and for the past few years we have also gotten together for lunch around birthday time to celebrate and catch up. Today was the day this year, and I wore my Salsa Sweater, and we met at Chili's, where we actually ordered the exact same lunch entirely by coincidence! Friendship like that cannot be fabricated or replaced! I cherish her, even though I don't see her often. We talked through the ups and the downs of the past year, and had a pretty nice afternoon. My only regret for the day is that I do not get together with special, life-long friends like this more often. . .perhaps that can be more of a priority when we are Shuffleboard Queens? (Click here to listen to a portion.)

Until then, I enjoyed seeing you, Friend! And I look forward to our next birthday lunch. . .we are getting better, indeed!

Note sock on table. . .yep I was knitting at the restaurant, while deciding what I was In the Mood to eat! lol

When I came home from lunch (nearly 5 hours after leaving the house), the Hubster stated that I probably wouldn't want to go out for Mexican, then, right? I thought about that for like a nano-second, rationalizing that I had ordered a salad for lunch and brought half of it home (totally ignoring the fact that I had also orderd and about polished off a fried onion ring and jalepeno appetizer), I answered, "Well, technically, I ate lunch four hours ago, so yeah! Just let me knit on the baby sweater a few rows, and we'll go!" I mean, really, who would ever turn down our fave Mexican restaurant on a Saturday night?!? I know, right! Oh, and here's where I am with the current baby sweater project:

It's going to have a multi-colored ruffle at the neck, hem and cuffs, and the body and sleeves will be peppered with a simple lace pattern. . .it will be totally cute. . .can't wait to see it on the baby! And, speaking of multi-colored, here's the shawl, blocking on College Girl's bed. It's the first shawl I have done in a looooooonnnggg time, and this one is blocking behind a closed, locked, bolted and alarmed door (see cat in previous post, that is luckier than lucky to be breathing after munching on the cast on corner of a Clapotis, knit in lace-weight on size 2 needles)!

After lunch out, and dinner out, Hubster suggested we take a walk around the local mall for some exercise, because the weather genies decided that it should be cold and rainy (and dare I even say a couple snowflakes fell - ack!?). We walked and we talked, and we bought a couple of individual chocolates at Malley's as we went past. We also stopped in a cute shop to get some gifts for our Mom's for May 9th (don't forget YOUR mom!). Then we came home, took off our shoes, and I sat down to blog and relax.

I hope that your day was lovely, and that you had time to talk to someone special to you, and also to "play" in your favorite way!

Knit in Good Health!

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