Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Place in the Sun. . .

I love that the cats always find their place in the sun!
I love it more when their place is on the floor!
Really, what is better on a sunny day than basking in the glow of the sunbeams? Whether you do that outside in the summer or inside on a crisp day in early spring, ya just gotta love the sun!

Know what else I love? . . .
That's right! Winning contests! Don't forget to enter the Pretty Knitty Jewelry contest if you have not already entered! All the details can be found at this link!

I entered a contest this month with WonderMike of the Fiber Beat podcast, and look what I got in the mail today:
It's Mmmmmmmalabrigo (softer than I could have imagined) Rasta, a super bulky, super squishy, super purple yarn! Super YAY!!! Back off, Michelle!. . .MY Yarn! ;p Use one of those links to check out Mike and his podcast. . .he's a funny guy, and he also does some video supplements that are quite informative! Thanks, WonderMike! I already have a scarf project in mind for this yarn. . .I cannot wait!

And, because I promised that I would blog about him today. . .DA, da da Daaaaa! Say hello to my little friend!
He and his mom were manning the face-painting table at the Easter Egg Hunt today at church, and the Hubster and I stopped in to take a look around. It was a great time, with the Easter Bunny (who is a bit camera shy) and games and music and many happy families! I am glad I stopped in, and glad I got to see the painters, because they all grow up so fast. . .I had absolutely no idea this kid could grow a moustache already! Yikes! :o)

In Knitting Knews, my Thursday group said that I would probably finish the April socks by the end of the week. . .I said, "No, I won't. It's not like I am a super, speed-knitter or anything!" But, apparently I am. And here they are:
These are the Catnip Socks (in Lion Brand Sock Ease, Rock Candy colorway) I pulled from the sock-a-month kits I had prepared for 2010. So that means that I have now finished 4 pairs, and these were supposed to last me into April! I could get out another kit, or I could start a new and different project. . .

New and different. . .I like that. So, here are my "That-a-Way" fingerless gloves! Started them this morning in leftover Araucania Ranco Multy yarn (purchased a couple summers ago in North Carolina, I think).
The pattern uses an arrow lace from some other pattern, and the charts and lace directions all mention the use of beads. Beads are not, however in the list of materials. According to the bead placement as I read the chart, I think the lace pattern assumes that beads are placed with a crochet hook, but I strung them all on, and I am placing them as I knit. That means that I place beads on the row after the pattern tells me to, but so far, so good! I am using tiny, blue, glass beads, and I think they will stand out just enough!

And now, one more gratuitous shot of the cats, both of them this time, on the dining room table:
Thanks for all the comments last week on ways to solve the problem of cat-butt where I eat. I guess I will have to break down and take a trip to the pet store for something that works. . .it does not appear that the spray-bottle of water is much of a deterrent. sigh!

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Tee hee, I was going to say my birthday is coming up when I saw that purple yarn..LOL Then I read you telling me to back off...Dang it you know me too well! What time do you leave for church tomorrow? Your kitties like me maybe the'll let me in....I'll promise not to spray them....hmmmmm LOL

    I knew you'd have to socks are a speedy knitter!!